Ph.D. Food Science & Technology

Program Mission

The mission of this degree program is to provide high-quality education in the discipline of Food Science and Technology to fulfill national needs to produce a skilled workforce to ensure the availability of safe, nutritious, and adequate food to the community.


  • To provide Ph.D. level education for students interested in applying food science and technology to the theoretical and practical aspects of the entire food chain from the production of the raw material to the utilization of the product by the consumer.
  • To provide a focus for Ph.D. study and research in food science & technology.
  • To help promote interactions with other disciplines that relate to the study of food science and technology
  • To build the capability of the students to individually design, conduct and analyze innovated and impacted research projects that could enhance their practical capabilities in the field of Food Science and Technology
  • To develop deeper insights among the students for becoming an active part of the agricultural and food business as the highly demanding and most productive domain of the era.
  • To enable the Ph.D. to serve the community in addressing emerging challenges of food availability, nutrition, and food safety in Pakistan.